Newcastle Can’t Say Superbowl

Newcastle’s almost-Super Bowl ad is nothing short of brilliant.  Anna Kendrick was supposed to star in the brands big Super Bowl commercial, but instead goes on a two-minute rant complaining about how Newcastle snubbed her.

It feels authentic, and Kendrick delivers it perfectly.  The nature of the situation (if it were true) is funny as hell, and bleeping out the words Super Bowl only adds to the hilarity.

Kendrick briefly mentions her well-rounded career, eventually bringing it back to: “basically the only thing I haven’t done is a nude scene and get paid a (expletive) of money to be in a commercial for a beer i don’t even drink.”

The almost-Super bowl ad ends with Kendrick’s heartfelt endorsement:

“Hi, Newcastle Brown Ale the only beer that ever promised me a high-paying role in a Super Bowl commercial and then backed out at the last (expletive) second like a bunch of (expletive)!  Suck it, suck it.”

Then a six pack of Newcastle is set down on the counter.  This is the stuff that makes me want to go into advertising.


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Dove’s Take on Advertising


Dove has become an innovator, paving the way for the future of advertising.  They have taken a completely different approach than most companies, especially their competitors.  Ten years ago, Dove decided to redefine America’s conception of beauty.

In 2013, they released the Real Beauty Sketches film.  In this film, people were asked to describe their physical features to a FBI forensic artist who then drew a sketch based on what they told him.  Complete strangers who only met these people for a matter of moments were then asked to describe their features.  The differences were both alarming and indicative of most peoples’ insecurities about their looks.

In 2014, Dove brings us Selfie.  Another film that causes viewers to rethink what beauty is by taking a selfie.  Young girls and their mothers participated in the short film putting forth a powerful message.  The girls admitted their own insecurities and found that is what made them different.  And the things that make them different make them beautiful.

The power of advertising in the future is beyond television commercials and magazine ads.  Dove has found a way to drive people to view these films and once they have them there, all they have to do is watch.  Not once do you think they are trying to sell you something.  The films suck you in and make you forget you’re watching an ad.  These short films create a powerful emotional connection with their viewers.  Dove has found something different, and it works.


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USA Olympians Calling All Fans for a ‘Digital Sendoff’

All fans are invited to contribute to the “digital sendoff” on Thursday to wish our Olympians luck in the Sochi Games.  Fans can send their support via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Google+ and interact with some of the athletes who will be representing the United States in the Winter Olympics.

Mashable released an article highlighting the sendoff and explaining the details of the event.

The sendoff will include a “crowd sourced video featuring good-luck messages from Team USA fans”.  This, along with other forms of digital support will be posted to Team USA’s website and YouTube channel.

This digital sendoff is representative of impact that social media has had on sporting events.  It gives fans the opportunity to show their support from around the country and across the world.  Some will even interact with members of the U.S. Olympic team in Google+ Hangouts.

Social media is so prominent, in fact, that the U.S. Olympic Committee even has a social media hub for the games that “will function as a slimmed-down, USA-centric point of digital contact.”  All the fans need to do is use #GoTeamUSA in their message to become a part of the 2014 Sochi Games.

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Australian Open Heat

If you’ve taken the time to watch any of the Australian Open you know it’s hot, really hot.  Temperatures have held consistently above 100 degrees.  I’m sure the blue courts of Melbourne Park don’t cool things down. There have been complaints from both players and fans.  Several players have collapsed on the courts not in celebration, but pure exhaustion.  Despite the heat, there has still been some great tennis to watch.

Fans are keeping cool by draping towels over their head or huddling next to the mist fans among the stands.  Some tennis players are using a different cool strategy, ice vests.  GlobalPost released an article Wednesday capturing the heat in a series of pictures.


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