Dove’s Take on Advertising


Dove has become an innovator, paving the way for the future of advertising.  They have taken a completely different approach than most companies, especially their competitors.  Ten years ago, Dove decided to redefine America’s conception of beauty.

In 2013, they released the Real Beauty Sketches film.  In this film, people were asked to describe their physical features to a FBI forensic artist who then drew a sketch based on what they told him.  Complete strangers who only met these people for a matter of moments were then asked to describe their features.  The differences were both alarming and indicative of most peoples’ insecurities about their looks.

In 2014, Dove brings us Selfie.  Another film that causes viewers to rethink what beauty is by taking a selfie.  Young girls and their mothers participated in the short film putting forth a powerful message.  The girls admitted their own insecurities and found that is what made them different.  And the things that make them different make them beautiful.

The power of advertising in the future is beyond television commercials and magazine ads.  Dove has found a way to drive people to view these films and once they have them there, all they have to do is watch.  Not once do you think they are trying to sell you something.  The films suck you in and make you forget you’re watching an ad.  These short films create a powerful emotional connection with their viewers.  Dove has found something different, and it works.


*images obtained from Google images

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