Firsts for the Sports World


The recent coming out of Michael Sam, a highly touted football player from Missouri captivated sports news a few weeks ago.  The talented defensive end admitted to have been gay for some time, but felt that he should make his sexual orientation public before entering the NFL draft.

The ensuing reaction from the media was all positive (as it should be) but I wonder if all the attention to stories like this are confer-intuitive to the progression of homosexuals in general.  NBA basketball player Jason Collins made his coming out public last spring and until today he had not played a game since.  The Brooklyn Nets offered Collins a contract today and he took to the court against the Lakers in L.A. tonight.

I think it’s great that the media recognizes milestones such as this, but the amount of attention given to these announcements may be a bit much.  It makes coming out seem like much more of a big deal than it should be.  I don’t mean to be inconsiderate of the people who have built up the courage to make their homosexuality public, but I do believe the media has successfully blown it out of proportion.

I wish the best to both Michael Sam and Jason Collins in their respective careers.  I just hope they make headlines in sports for something other than their sexual orientation.


jason collins

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