Internet-Induced Anxiety


I, like many other people I know, have a growing fear of how much information the internet can gather from my day to day browsing habits.  The more I read about it, the stronger the fear grows.  I’d like to be able to shake this fear off, thinking to myself, “I have nothing to hide”, but maybe I do? I don’t remember, but the internet probably does.

This fear I have has prevented me from doing countless things that are mostly incorporated to make life easier.  For instance, I don’t have online banking.  I know my bank can be trusted, but I would rather drive to the bank or an ATM to manage my account than lose my phone and have someone clean me out.  I never click the save password option on a website for fear that someone will log in to one of my many online profiles and do god knows what with them.  I have also never saved a credit card when making an online purchase.  I can’t believe it’s even an option.  It’s gotten to the point where I pretty much ignore any of the shortcuts that websites offer me.

I know my fear will continue to be tested when the “internet of things” comes to life.  The internet of things will allow us to control everything in our homes from the smart phone in our pocket.  These capabilities already exist for some things.  People now have security systems that can be completely operated from the phone.  They can lock their house, turn off the lights, and you can even watch what’s going on at your house while your gone.  My parents are looking into getting a system like this.  They say it will make them feel more comfortable when they leave town.  And I’m over here thinking all you have to do is lose your phone and everything’s gone.

I guess I should start getting used to this internet-induced fear, cause it’s sure as hell not going anywhere.


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