News & Observer Sides with State

Sometimes when I go home my parents will have held on to something for me to see.  Most of the time it’s something my dad wants me to read.  He might cut out a Fortune Magazine article with a sticky note on top of it saying something like, “Read this, do it and buy me a Ferrari.”  Other times it could be a new driving law he wants to make sure I know about, or anything else a concerned parent would want their kid to know.

When I came home from spring break my parents had saved two News & Observer articles for me.  Both articles had huge pictures of the victorious N.C. State basketball team following their defeat of Syracuse on Friday, March 15.  Below the photos covered in red were two smaller pictures of carolina blue displaying drastically different emotions.

My parents didn’t hold on to these to rub it in (I think…).  My good friend, Staats Battle, plays basketball for the wolfpack, and he made sure to get his face on that front page.  That’s him to T.J. Warren’s right.


I’m glad my parents held onto the article so I could see the picture, put above it the headline read:  “N.C. State victory; UNC agony”.  And below the above picture filled with jubilation and excitement was this…


Hell of a contrast, right?  This woman looks like she should be wearing a darker shade of blue.

Already disgusted with the N&O’s portrayal of my team’s loss, I decided to see if the article had any redeeming qualities.  Here are the first two sentences of staff writer Luke Decock’s run down:

“While North Carolina all but ensured it will not begin the NCAA tournament just down the road in Raleigh, N.C. State went a long way toward joining the Tar Heels in the field with an upset of Syracuse.  The Wolfpack got the big win it needed to bolster its fragile NCAA case with a 66-63 win over the Orange on Friday, but North Carolina exited the ACC tournament early with an 80-75 loss to Pittsburgh, making it unlikely the Tar Heels will be seeded high enough to stay close to home at PNC Arena next week.”

This sounds like a subtle “this is our state” cry for praise.  I even did a quick search of this Luke Decock to see if he was a N.C. State grad, he wasn’t.

Anyway, I flipped to the sports page hoping it might show more of a balance of the two teams.  I saw these two pictures of T.J. hanging on the rim and Roy doing his thing along with Luke Decock’s headshot next to the article.  I stopped reading.


*There’s Staats again under T.J.’s foot


I realize that the N&O is a Raleigh paper, but it’s not N.C. State’s newspaper.  I grew up reading the sports page of the N&O, but this particular edition surprised me.  Sure they’re not going to put a picture in there of Tokoto throwing down a huge dunk when we lost, but no need to pick out the most ridiculous looking Carolina fan in the whole arena.  Obviously I’m biased, but I think the N&O could have done a better job of representing our heels despite the loss.