Newcastle Can’t Say Superbowl

Newcastle’s almost-Super Bowl ad is nothing short of brilliant.  Anna Kendrick was supposed to star in the brands big Super Bowl commercial, but instead goes on a two-minute rant complaining about how Newcastle snubbed her.

It feels authentic, and Kendrick delivers it perfectly.  The nature of the situation (if it were true) is funny as hell, and bleeping out the words Super Bowl only adds to the hilarity.

Kendrick briefly mentions her well-rounded career, eventually bringing it back to: “basically the only thing I haven’t done is a nude scene and get paid a (expletive) of money to be in a commercial for a beer i don’t even drink.”

The almost-Super bowl ad ends with Kendrick’s heartfelt endorsement:

“Hi, Newcastle Brown Ale the only beer that ever promised me a high-paying role in a Super Bowl commercial and then backed out at the last (expletive) second like a bunch of (expletive)!  Suck it, suck it.”

Then a six pack of Newcastle is set down on the counter.  This is the stuff that makes me want to go into advertising.


*images obtained from Google images