Getting Personal With Snapchat


After reading a few classmates’ posts about Snapchat on their blogs, I thought about why it has become so popular.  Both Tara and Barrett believe it’s the absence of judgment that makes Snapchat so great.  I agree completely.

Snapchat is the one form of social media I use that doesn’t have the option for recipients to “like” it.  I think a lot of people tend to over-analyze their choices to tweet about something or post a picture to Instagram because they are concerned about how people might react.  They might even decide not to post something simply because they fear it won’t be “liked”, retweeted or whatever else.

Because Snapchat is a judgment-free social media zone, it makes it all the more entertaining.  I can remember several times when I have nearly cried from laughing so hard at a snap from my friends.  People just don’t hold anything back on Snapchat and it’s pretty refreshing to have a platform like that in the world of social media.

Unfortunately, the judgment-free social media zone has a downside too and it’s the same thing that makes it so awesome—people just don’t hold anything back.

I’d like to think I’m pretty sparing with my social media creation.  I don’t tweet constantly, or post pictures to Instagram often, but I can Snapchat my ass off.  Some people get a little carried away with their social media use, and when that happens on Snapchat it can take a turn to obnoxious fast.  When Snapchat added the “my story” feature to the app it sent some of those people over the edge.  Now their everyday lives have become a series of short films starring themselves that they feel compelled to share with the world.

I’ve started to ignore the my story feature completely as my own little Snapchat boycott.  In doing this I realized why I really like Snapchat, it’s personal.  You can send a snap to whomever you want; whether that is your entire Snapchat contact list, or just one person.  Yeah, sometimes it’s a pain to scroll through your contacts and pick each person you want to send your snap too, but you get the exact audience you want.

Usually when I send a snap there is a certain group of people I send it to.  Sometimes I send them only to my friends from home, whereas other times I will send them to my friends from UNC.  But every time, there is a reason for choosing a certain group of people.  It’s not for fear of judgment, because there isn’t any.  I just choose not to bombard people with pictures or videos that have zero relevance to them.  Maybe I’m alone on this one.