We Are The Future

Final thoughts on JOMC 240 with Professor John Robinson


Before this semester began our Professor sent an email to our class asking what we wanted to gain from JOMC 240 Current Issues in Mass Media.  I had very little to suggest.  All I asked was that we focus on what’s going on today rather than reading textbooks about what has already happened.  While the past is important to learn from, I believe we should have our eyes set on the future.

Throughout the course we touched on the past, we discussed what’s going on today, but we focused on the future.  The world of mass communication is rapidly evolving and progressing at a rate so fast that if you get caught up in the past or the present, you’ll be left behind.

A huge contributor to this pace of progression is (of course) the web, but more importantly, the networks we are able to establish through it.  Today we are able to learn so much through something as simple as following somebody on twitter or following a blogger.  We didn’t have a textbook for this course.  Instead, we were assigned to read articles from Mashable, The New York Times, Gigaom and blog posts of our fellow students.  And by blogging throughout the course of the semester, we began contributing to the networks.

I’ll admit, sometimes it was a pain to crank out even the minimum three blog posts a week, but it led me to discover and learn about things I otherwise might not have paid attention to.  Many times these discoveries came not from endless Google searches, but by reading the blog posts of my classmates.  Take a scroll through through our Rebel Mouse site, and you’ll find that this class is full of people who are pretty damn smart.

I learned a lot from my classmates during the semester (as well as Professor Robinson) and I realized it’s because we’re living in this rapidly evolving and progressing world of mass communication.  Our generation is more connected than any before us and this class isn’t taking it for granted.  We’re taking it head on and we’re moving it forward.  We have our eyes set on the future, because we are the future.

        “Skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it’s been.” – Wayne Gretzky

Thanks for a great semester.


*images obtained from Google images